Amigo5158 Is a Maraca Shakin, Gun shootin Guy who someday wants to run a Mariachi Band! (or something else) Amigo is definetly the #1 Roblox Music Maker or random guy.

All he needs to start his day is a Banana, and a Can of Coke!

Hats Edit

Amigo5158's Prized Hat is his Sombrero, he may not wear it much but its the hat that completes him. It doesnt have any Special Powers Like Greenblur's Hat but

Amigo cant do anything without it!
Amigo Icon for wiki

Me :D

Places Edit

~☆= WWII Germans VS Americans =☆~

~₪ Gear Fight at The Temple Of Twilight₪ ~

Ro Task 3: The Labyrinth

Pirates Of The Carribean (Ride)

Amigos Minigames!

Amigo Studios HQ

XDX League HQ

Master Chef Mission 1: The Angry Customers

Super Mario Bros. 2-D

Amigo icon painting

My Picture I painted