Bobguy is that dude,hes almost serious all the time and never rests,its because of his hard job and his fear of being stalked by Vampires every day.

BobGuy in his usual attire

Hat Edit

He wears his Brickasaw headband that he was given by his dad,which was the leader of the Brickasaw Tribe,it lets him see what others cant,he can react faster and manipulate fire.

Personality Edit

Hes never usually happy,hes almost too serious,its because he cant get his sleep after guarding the fire gem for a while,of course,hes paranoid about Vampires.

Legendary Inscription Edit

The following inscription was found carved on a pillar near the Fire Gem altar,it was smashed up and most of the words were lost.


The rest was covered with graffiti saying "ALL HAIL 1x1x1x1x1"