Nightsfive Edit

Nightsfive is a mental freak that you should never want to meet in your lifespan. Kidding! Nightsfive is a crazy, kinda weird, Robloxian who doesnt care what people think (sometimes). He one day dreams of becoming a flying jester so he can fly and be a jester. You will NEVER find a crazier, more ,um, disturbing Robloxian in your life! Also, he hates mean people, so if you are ever mean to him, you better run away or else he will RIP YOUR HEAD OFF, STRANGLE YOU, AND CHEW ON YOUR LIMBS FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!!!!!(probably) but all you need to do to calm him down is give him his most favorite thing in the world, a nice cup of Coca-Cola.

Hats Edit

Nightsfive's hats usually range from anything like a cheese slice to a trojan infultry helmet. Of course, the hat that always gets him through the day ould have to be his jest-PINK PONY HAT!(kidding) The Jester hat is what Nightsfive loves and his dreams of becoming a flying jester would never come true without it! Also he wears the Trojan Infultry helmet becuase when he does he will pwn everyone in the ntire universe!
Nightsfive portrait

Nightsfive ready to pwn in his Trojan Infultry Helmet