It all started in a pocket dimension with a brick, and a Humanoid. when The Humanoid was joined with the brick, it created a person named Roblox. At first Roblox was lonely, His pocket dimension was dull. So he created 2 more bricks. He named those bricks "Telamon," and "Builderman." Roblox then made more bricks, but these did not have humanoids, they were large and small, he had created a home. But then Telamon, and Builderman were sad, they were not allowed to build in the dimesion, so Roblox made them there own Dimension. These Dimensions were connected by a rift called The site, were they would visit each other. That was when Telamon had an idea, he had built a man, and transferred Roblox's humanoid to this man,

Telamons body design

now Roblox was more then a brick. After Him he had made bodys for Builderman, and himself. Roblox was still upset, Although he had Telamon, and Builderman, he was lonely. So he used the site to invite others. Each person would have there own body, and dimension. They would be called Robloxians. Soon The site Grew bigger, but it was hard to control. That is when Roblox apointed Builderman to Govern over the site, he also invented The Ban Hammer to keep order among the players. Soon everything grew dull the players were leaving, so Roblox had decided to make Telamon in charge of new updates, he had made Scripts. Scripts were amazing, they had the power to bend reality, but they were complex. Only a select few could master these. Many different Robloxians have come, and gone. Some have made a name for themself others watch in awe. Now thers just one question were are you in this story.